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Artist's Statement


Roman Romanovich

In day to day life, I am not noted for patience, nor has anyone claimed I suffer fools gladly. In professional life, my aim has been effectiveness and my approach based on analytical clarity and decisiveness.


When I come bearing a camera, I am the fool that nature suffers.  Decisiveness is tempered by hours of waiting for the right light or a confluence of events I cannot control.  Inuit hunters believe that an animal spirit presents itself to the hunter who is respectful and spiritually deserving.


Photography requires the humility of the hunter.  It is gathered from the stuff of the natural world with the insight of the hunter and expresses itself in the smallest fraction of a second, in the wingbeat of a bird or the facial expression that draws us into a subject’s emotional landscape.


A photograph, to paraphrase Leonard Cohen:


... is a contract of glory

that must be made with the sun,

so you make friends with the field

the river and the wind,

then you pray the whole cold night before,

under a travelling cordless moon,

to make you worthy and lyric and pure

© 2014 All rights reserved.

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